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Disclaimer:  This site is for information distribution only and not for any clinical activities of Tadao Ogura, M.D. 

2019 Japan Vacation: Office will be closed between Nov. 9 and Dec. 8. Reopens on Dec. 9 (Monday). For detail, please click on "Medical Practice" below.

Medical Practice:

These pages will provide the information on Office Location, Direction to the Office, Dr. Ogura’s Professional Qualification, Appointments, Insurances, Treatment Philosophy and Treatment Modalities.  This page also updates any changes in Dr. Ogura’s medical practices and his vacation schedules.  Please visit this page regularly.

"Q&A on Psychiatric Medications" was written to clarify many common misunderstandings and prejudices about “Psychiatric Medications.”  This title was originally prepared for educational purposes.  Since this title challenges many prevailing (mis-)beliefs and negative attitudes, it may also enlighten you with better understanding of all “drugs” and “medications.”

"The Art of Breathing" provides the theory and practice of various breathing techniques.  “Breathing” seems to be something everybody does “naturally.”  Unfortunately, however, majority of people are not breathing right.  All forms of martial arts, sports, and even fine arts require correct breathing.  Without it, no artist or sportsperson can excel.  In this title, you will find many interesting and amazing facts about “Controlled Breathing.”

"Tips for Body Maintenance" are a collection of classic as well as new tips on how to maintain your physical health without trying too hard.  The tips presented here include "Sohtai Exercise," "Body Building /Maintenance Programs," "Removing Excess Body Fat," "Myth and Truth about Sleep," "Hot Bath, Cold Bath" and "Simple Eating."

"Tips for Mind Maintenance " are a collection of tips and ideas on how to discipline and live with your mind.  Most people are not masters of their minds but rather slaves to them.  A mind is only a tool and the means for our daily lives.  You may learn to become a master of your mind.

Wisdom for Life, New & Old presents a collection of proverbs, sayings, poems, etc. on various topics that may help you to appreciate your life more.  This site includes "Basic Principles," "Footprints," "Serenity Prayer," "Paradoxes of Prayers," "The Gift in the Struggle," " "Zen Koh-ans," "My Resolutions," and "Twelve Steps."