Basic Principles

Compiled and/or created by

Tadao Ogura, M.D.


I  On Pain and Suffering
1  No Pain, No Gain
2  Endure the unendurable; tolerate the intolerable
3  Your pain and suffering is the love of Jesus (Mother Teresa)
4  Your leprosy is a gift from God (Mother Teresa)
5  Unbearable pain, unforgettable lesson

II  On Choices in Life
1  Do what you hate to do first; the rest comes easy
2  Always take the harder of two choices
3  If you don’t know what to do, do nothing
Get out of your head and heart and tune into your gut

III  On Attitudes
1  Don't react, but act (AA)
2  KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) (AA)
3  One day at a time; one thing at a time (Serenity Prayer)
4  Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find (Jesus)
5  Do everything with your heart and soul
6  Live each moment to the fullest

IV  On Insecurity, Confidence & Self-Image
1  Insecurity can be the driving force for excellence
2  Insecurity is normal and natural for humans
Self-confidence is often an illusion
Self-image is just an image
Real confidence comes from deep faith

V  On You vs. Yourself
1  Keep the focus on yourself (AA)
2  Look at yourself first before you point the finger at others
3  You are blind about yourself
4  You can see your own faults better in others

VI  On Relationships
1  You have no control over people, places and things (AA)
2  Your relationships with others mirror your own with yourself
3  People will treat you by the way you treat yourself
4  Help yourself first before others
4  Birds of a feather flock together
5  Seesaw Principle
6  Rubber Band Principle

VII  On Togetherness & Connections
1  United we stand; divided we fall
2  Together, we win; separated, we lose
3  Ask for help over your stupid pride
4  Communing Process (H. Kelman)

VIII  On Wants vs. Needs
1 God gives you what you need, not what you want
2 Your "wants" are your enemires
3 Your "wishes" reflect your lack of faith
4 God gives your what you need for your soul

IX  On Being vs. Doing
1  How you are reflects your soul
2  How you are is more important than what you achieve
3  Rich inside, poor outside; rich outside, poor inside

X  On Life
1  God gave you life; how to live it is up to you
2  Don't try to understand life; just live it
3  Every day is a good day (a Zen master)
4  Life is a hard, steep mountain to climb
5  A hard life is for an advanced soul
6  Everything in life has two sides

XI  On Love
1  Tough love is true love; enabling is self-love
2  Tough love is tougher on yourself
3  God is Love; Love is God
4  Heavenly love shines equally on all beings
5  Even when you hate God, God still loves you
6  Love melts hate as light dispels darkness
7  Love your enemies (Jesus)

XII  On God and the Heavens
1  When your mind opens, you see God everywhere
2  When your heart opens, you feel God within
3  When your soul opens, you become one with God
4  All's right with the World (Robert Browning)



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