Tips for Mind Maintenance

Tadao Ogura, M.D.

Contrary to common beliefs, a "mind" does not exists outside of a brain.  Almost all of what we regard as our "mental" functions are actually the reflections of various brain activities.   Therefore, what we can do about our "mind" must obey the laws of the biochemistry, the physiology, and especially those of the genetics of the brain.


Modifying Genetic Influences 

This page will deal with the means for modifying the genetic influences on our minds.  Certainly, it is not easy to modify the genetic influence on any parts of the body.  However, the brain (mind) has tremendous "learning potential."  In other words, the brain can be modified through various means and channels.


This site shows you some of the ideas and techniques to modify genetic influences on our minds.


Biochemical Channels 

Since the brain (mind) is a part of a body, it obeys the laws of biochemistry. Therefore, the brain (mind) may be tuned up to a higher level of functions through changing its biochemical properties. 


The biochemical channels include the use of medications, the food intake, the air intake, the acidity blood.


This site will discuss how to take advantage of these biochemical elements and factors.


Physiological Channels

A brain is very sensitive to many internal physiological factors such as body temperature, blood and lymph circulations, heart rates, respiration, perspiration, elimination, muscle tones, elasticity of the bones, and stimulation on specific reflex points or acupuncture points.


It is also easily influenced by external factors such as climate, humidity, sunshine, wind, altitude, and geography.


This site will deal with how to wisely make use of these channels.


Psychological Channels

Too many people try to change their feelings, moods, or hang-ups by their will power.  As you know, they soon find out that they can't do it.  Trying to control one's own mind by one's own mind is like a dog tries to catch his own tail. The dog simply runs around in circles in vain.


This page will discuss on "Psychotherapies," "Imagery," and "Paradoxical Intention," and "Meditation."

Spiritual Channels

The issue of "spirituality" is very popular as it sounds like something supreme and ultimate.  However, it is intangible and too abstract.   Consequently, everybody may have his or her own version of "spirituality". 

In this site, Dr. Ogura will present his own version of "spirituality" for your reference.


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