Questions & Answers on Psychiatric Medications

Tadao Ogura, M.D.


Table of Contents

The following pages represent the entire contents of a brochure originally published in paper form.  It is recommended that you read ALL sections from start to finish.  The more you understand about "a medication,"  the better it will work for you!

  1. Introduction

  2. What Are Psychiatric Medications, Actually?

  3. How Are “Psychiatric” and “Regular” Medications Different?

  4. Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable About Taking "Psychiatric" Medications?

  5. Are Psychiatric Medications “Mind-Altering”? 

  6. How Do Psychiatric Medications Actually Work?

  7. How Would I Know If I Need Psychiatric Medications?

  8. Are Psychiatric Medications Always Necessary? 

  9. Can I Choose Not to Use Medications at All? 

  10. Can I Take Natural Remedies like St. John’s Wort Instead of Medication?

  11. Will I Become Dependent on Psychiatric Medications?

  12. How Safe Are Psychiatric Medications? 

  13. Will Psychiatric Medications Interfere with My Other Prescription Medications?

  14. What Side Effects Should I Expect from Psychiatric Medications?

  15. How Does a Doctor Choose Right Medications for Me? 

  16. How Soon Will I Be Feeling Better if I Take Psychiatric Medications? 

  17. How Often Should My Psychiaric Medications Be Adjusted? 

  18. Can I Take Psychiatric Medications During Pregnancy?

  19. How Long Will I Have to Stay On Psychiatric Medications? 

  20. What is the “Bi-Digital O-ring Test”? 

  21. Conclusion