The Art of Breathing

Tadao Ogura, M.D.


Table of Contents


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I. Introduction

II. The Theory and Benefits of Controlled Breathing

III. "Ordinary" Versus "Controlled" Breathing

IV. Preparation for Controlled Breathing Exercises

V. The First Level: Abdominal Breathing

1. The Abdominal Breathing Exercise 

2. Practicing Abdominal Breathing 

3. More Advanced Abdominal Breathing 

VI. The Second Level: Reverse Breathing 

1. The Reverse Breathing Exercise 

2. Notes on Reverse Breathing 

VII. The Third Level: Total Breathing

1. The Total Breathing Exercise

2. Notes on Total Breathing

VIII. Adding Imagery to Breathing: Circular Breathing

1. The Circular Breathing Exercise 

2. Notes on Circular Breathing 

IX. The Final Level: Adding Physical Movements to Breathing


X. Optional Breathing Exercises

1. Tai-Soku (Fetal Breathing)  2. Fukki-Ho (Ki Swallowing) 

3. Ki Cultivation


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