Tips for Body Maintenance

Tadao Ogura, M.D.

This site is dedicated to various tips and techniques that have been proven effective for your body maintenance.  Just like a car, if you neglect routine maintenance of body, it may break down or, at least, it will not function well. 


Sohtai Exercise

This exercise was developed by Keizo Hashemite, M.D. in Japan for local farmers who tended to develop all sorts of chronic muscle aches, joint problems, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue.  This technique has spread all over Japan and been hailed as one of the simplest and the most effective health maintenance exercises.


Body Building/Maintenance Programs

This page presents "Muscle Building Exercises" and "Basic Body Maintenance Tips." They are highly efficient and help most people to keep their body in the optimum level without much time or expence. These exercises and tips can be practiced right at home or in office.

Removing Excess Body Fat

Too many people try to lose their excess weight but fail. The tips presented on this page explains why they have to fail and show better ideas about how to keep your weight under better control.

Myth and Truth about Better Sleep

Many people have some misunderstanding about bedding and a right pillow. They also tend to neglect a simple human reality about sleeping. This page will clarify some of these widely misundertood areas about sleeping.

Hot Bath, Cold Bath

Many people do not take a hot bath.  If they do, they do not use it right.  This site will explain about how to take advantage of "Hot Bath" and "Cold Bath" to enhance your physical health and reduce the negative effects of stress in life.

Simple Eatingh

We are created different. No single nutritional approach can work for everyone as much as one glove does not fit all hands. This page tries to present simple approach for how to eat right for yourself.



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