Medical Practice

Tadao Ogura, M.D.


Announcement: 2018 Japan Vacation Schedule: Office closes between Nov. 15 and Dec. 9, 2017. It will reopen on Dec. 10 (Mon.).

If you have a dire emergency during my absense, please consider visiting a nearby emergency room. If you need a psychiatric care, you may visit my respected friend, Dr. Edward Sodaro, for his service. However, please note that Dr. Sodaro cannot provide you with any professional services until you personally visit him and become one of his patients. He can be reached at (631) 691-0807.

Office Address: 600 Old Country Rd., Suite 321, Garden City, NY 11530 Tel: (516) 745-0001;  Fax (516) 745-1463

Directions to the Office: My office is located in the Roosevelt Field Mall at the west side corner of the Mall Entrance from Old Country Rd.  It is directly across the parking area from the JC Penny Department Store. 

Our building has a large sign, "CitiBank," on the top, which is visible from far.  You can also access the building by the Mall Entrance or may take the Mall exit (M2W) of the Meadowbrook Parkway and enter the circle drive to the right.

Professional Qualifications: 

*Licensed to practice Medicine in New York State (#117722)

*Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. (#13442)     

*Certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Inc. (#001091)

*Certified in the use of Acupuncture (#00106)

*Life Member, American Psychiatric Association

*Member, American Medical Association

*Member, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Inc.

Appointments:  Office visits are by appointment only.  No walk-in visit.

Insurance: No insurance accepted. 

Treatment Modalities:


Psychopharmacology deals with medications for psychiatric conditions of all kinds.  Since we are created “unequal,” each patient requires very individualized choices of medications and their dosages.  In my practice, I utilize “Bi-Digital O-Ring Test” developed by Yoshiaki Ohmura, M.D. of Japan.  Applied correctly, this test allows a patient to pick right medications with the right dosages with 80% – 90% accuracy!

Addiction Medicine

I am certified in addiction medicine and was honored with “Peter Sweisgood Award” for my contribution in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction in 1996.  After having dealt with all sorts of addictive problems, I strongly advocate Twelve Step programs as the best means for recovery.  In my practice, I deal with: 1) outpatient alcohol and drug detoxification and 2) counseling on alcoholism and drug addictions.


I offer this service to some selected patients who wish to utilize what I have received from the Heavens through my unique life experiences.  I was a schoolteacher for four years and dealt with various family problems involving my students.  I was trained in Zen by Soen Nakagawa Roshi in Japan.  I studied psychic phenomena all my life after I have encountered undeniable psychic phenomena twice in my life.  I ran a small business while in a undergraduate college.  I was trained in Internal Medicine before I entered into Psychiatry and performed many autopsies with a pathologist. 

This background has awarded me deeper insight and wisdom in life.  However, most people do not need my mentoring as they are still struggling with their psychiatric conditions or their life stress of various kinds.  Interestingly, some people have asked for my mentoring in spite of various obstacles such as cost and time limitations.


Treatment Philosophy:

Individualized Treatment

My treatment is based on the simple reality that, medically, none of us is created equal and that each patient requires his or her individualized treatment.  Contrary to the common belief, we are not at all created equal in our genetic, physiological, psychological, familial, cultural, and religious make-ups and backgrounds.  Therefore, a good medication for one patient may be poisonous for another!   Therefore, a treatment must be individualized.

Tapping the "Natural Wisdom" hidden in our Bodies

In addition to individualized treatment, I adhere to a unique wisdom that I gained in Japan through my training in the Oriental Medicine.  In the Oriental Medicine, I was taught to "talking to the patient's body because it carries all the necessary information for diagnosing and individualizing treatment approaches.  There are a few different methods to "listen to" the patient's body such as "Pulse Diagnoses," "Abdominal Signs," and "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test,"  I employ only the "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" for its simplicity and convenience.

Regarding "Psychiatric" Disorders as Spiritual Paths

Mother Teresa says, "Pain and suffering is a gift from God" ("Words to Love By" by Mother Teresa).  However, when we are in pain and suffering mentally, emotionally, and/or physically, we cannot really appreciate her words. We often curse at the Heavens.  However, as I have walked with thousands of patients who were struggling with all kinds of pain and suffering, I have come to see the wisdom of Mother Teresa.

As I try to ease my patients' pain and suffering as much as I can, I also try to help them to appreciate the blessing hidden in their struggle.  In the beginning, none of them can see nor appreciate it.  In time, however, many of them have come to see the hidden blessing in their struggle.  Therefore, everything and everyone must be an valuable gift from the Heavens in our spiritual journey.