The Art of Breathing

Tadao Ogura, M.D.


II. The Theory and Benefits of Controlled Breathing

This section outlines the theoretical foundation for Controlled Breathing exercises. Although it is not absolutely necessary to understand the theory behind the techniques, it may be useful for you to have some idea of how the exercises will affect you, and why.

It has already been noted that Controlled Breathing has a long and varied history. Many, many different kinds of breathing exercises have been developed by different people and many different kinds of benefits have been associated with their practice, the most common benefits touted being improved health and well-being, long life and spiritual harmony. Certainly the Chinese and Japanese monks and the Indian Yogi who practiced controlled breathing diligently were very healthy and long-lived.  

Nevertheless, some have tried to understand why breathing exercises have the effects that they do. Here, I describe eight major effects and benefits of Controlled Breathing on the body, mind, and even the spirit. These eight major effects are:  

1) A Body-Mind Unification

2) Internal Organ Exercise Effect

3) Enhanced Blood and Lymph Circulation

4) Benefits of Oxygen Starvation Effects

5) Enhanced Brain Activities

6) Improving Concentration

7) Enhanced Mental and Emotional Stability

8) The Power of Ki (Chi)

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