Simple Eating


In Oriental Medicine, food is considered to be the same as medicine.  Whatever, we take into our body affects our body.  The only question is not what it is but how it help our body or not.  Some people can smoke cigarettes and never get lung cancer while some people get lung cancer by "secondary smoking."  Likewise, what we eat works differently for different people. What is a good diet for one person may be disastrous for another.  "Democracy" does not apply in dieting.

Then, the question is what we should do.  Physicians in Oriental Medicine have found out that each patient's body has a natural wisdom to pick and choose the right food for himself or herself.  Thus, they resorted to "Pulse Diagnosis," "Touch Diagnosis," or "Abdominal Sign" diagnosis. 

Many chiropractors use "Kinesiology" developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1970s to determine good food for their clients.  Dr. Yashiaki Ohmura,'s "Bi-digital O-ring Test" is also very useful. (Please refer to "Q&A on Psychiatric Medications" for details about "Bi-digital O-ring Test.")

However, there is a simpler way.  You may simply "listen to your body" to pick and choose what and how to eat.  We have natural wisdom to pick and choose the right food just like any other animals.  For example, horses do not eat all the grass you bring to them. They sort the grass out and eat only the grass they know to be good.  This is "Horse Sense."  All wild animals have this natural wisdom.

Unfortunately, humans have become accustomed to use their "heads" rather than resorting to their instincts.  The more we become "cerebral," the further we break away from our "natural wisdom."  Consequently, the majority of people eat with their heads.  They eat by "thinking" what is (or is supposed to be) good.  Since we are NOT created unequal physically, most of them wind up eating the wrong food in the wrong way.

Therefore, the first thing you must do to take advantage of "Simple Eating" is to restore your "natural wisdom."  In other words, before you can pick and choose the right food, you must be "reconnected" to your body's natural instincts.

How do you do it?  There are a few different techniques.  The easiest one is practicing "Controlled Breathing" on a daily basis.  (Please refer to "The Art of Breathing" in this website.)  Another method is by stimulating the acupuncture points, No. 14 of "Liver Meridian," with small objects, tiny needles or magnets (careful about their polarity).

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